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Stuck inside a windmill, photo location, no clues

Hi Filip!

I am on a Country Streak game and into the 700s and have spawned inside what seems to look like a windmill or mechanism of some kind. I can only move a couple of clicks right or left and I cannot leave the very tiny circular room. At first I thought it was a lighthouse but there's a wooden mechanism and a large stone I think with a hole in the middle of it and it looks like the whole thing turns. There's no way to explore downstairs or find a way out. There are no signs or markings or words and it's completely enclosed.

Am I meant to take a random guess as to which country I'm in? I feel so disappointed because I've come so far and now I'm in a tiny room and can't get out to explore and try to figure out where I am.

Is this particular location broken in some way? Should I be able to move about and leave this room?

Can you help me please? I really don't want to lose a streak I've been working on for so long and this location just doesn't feel in the spirit of the game since I am prevented from being able to obtain the normal evidence to come to a reasonable guess.

My game URL is

Thank you so much for any help you can provide, I appreciate it.

Mo and Ant


  • This is the location I spawned into:

    Mo and Ant
  • Cool location! That is my old home Malta 🙂

  • Hi Filip,

    Thanks so much! How long did you live there? It does look very beautiful and clean. I sure would love to travel again one day and GeoGuessr has helped me a lot in exploring places and seeing new ones I'd like to visit. So many gorgeous locations out there.
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 😀 Your support is exceptional.

    Mo and Ant
  • I was there for roughly 4 years, really nice place! Can recommend 😀

    No worries at all, let me know if you run into any further issues and I will fix!

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