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Stuck in a 360 picture

One of the places I had in today's game was a 360 degree picture. Is there any way for you to weed out these pictures. You can't move and there's no information that would let you even guess where it is - in this case I guessed it was somewhere in Eastern Europe, but couldn't pin it down to more than that. When I eventually finished I found out where it was.

Other than that, I LOVE this. So addictive.  Too addictive? ;-),27.2910851,3a,35.3y,6.95h,95.2t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-qkyjRwtn4kQ%2FU1ydhOc6qLI%2FAAAAAAABCBY%2F_ye0Jsb0dxEIbBiVGZHyggJSV_zpVl5EQCJkC!2e0!7i7536!8i3768
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  • This is a photosphere, usually made by users like you or me. This is not made by Google. Usually the game pick them in countries where Streetview imagery isn't available. 90% of them are picked up in India, because of its huge size, its huge amount of photospheres (Indian people love them) and the almost inexistant Streetview coverage; 5% are from Germany, and the other 5% are from the rest of the world.

    Your place was in Singapore apparently, which is weird because there is Streetview... But that can still happen.
  • Hi Mark

    Thanks for the kind words! As KillerMapper said this is a photosphere which is a user generated location in Google Streetview. We're continuously working on removing this but sometimes a few get through!
    To help us you can always give the location a vote after to played it to help us identify bad locations more easily!


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