I have a problem where i cant pick a country in streaks. I have just activated my account.
pls help


  • Hi Alen,

    Is this US-Streak, City Streaks or Country Streaks?

    Have you tried another browser and see if it works better? Do you receive an error message when trying to select a country?

  • Hi Filip,

    Us -Sreak works perfectly but the country streaks dont allow me to highlight or choose a country. No error msgs so far. I have tried it on Mozilla where it works perfectly but it doesnt work on Chrome (which is the only browser i have at work) :).
  • I see, that is strange that its not working on Chrome though since there is no difference in the setup from US and Country.

    I have tried from my end with 94.0.4606.81 which is working. Have you tried updating it or is it the latest version as well? What Operating system are you running it on?

    It would be great if you could send a copy paste of information in the Inspect/Console to the right, of Chrome when you go into the site and play a Country Streaks which is not working.


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