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Stop auto payment for the deleted account

I had an account on Geoguessr. I did it for one time, to play with a friend. Unfortunately, I couldn't sing up without autopayment, so I register my card in that account.
After that, I try to cancel subscribe and I thought that I did it, but I got a message about payment for subscribing.
After that, I deleted my account, but yesterday I got a message about payment again.
Could you stop this autopayment?
Best wishes,


  • Hi Liz,

    Sorry about that, I had a look and no money seems to have been charged, I guess it's our third party payment provider (stripe) that retries to charge a couple of times if it fails at first. I've deleted your credit card from the system so they shouldn't try again.

    have a great day,

  • Thank you for help!

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