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Still playing once a day!

Cute that you've sent me an email saying you've missed me! I've been playing one round a day on the world map for a couple of years now, and have sent the occasional feedback, often graciously responded to by Anton, but not recently. That doesn't mean I haven't had thoughts or developments. As an old geezer (turned 81 a couple of weeks ago), I'm doing my best to keep up with the tech world, but it gets hard.

Latest issue: got suckered into upgrading to Windows 10, which has generated all kinds of problems. Just in the last few days, Google Maps seems to have done some new things (and I also got suckered into Google+), which make my play more difficult. I'm one who uses all the available tools to shoot for a perfect score of 25,000 (and used to shoot for the pre-beta score of 36k+ or whatever it was). As such, I share the back and forth about photospheres. The ones in India that are the interiors of commercial establishments rarely please me -- I sure hope you're getting some remuneration from those you are giving publicity to. Some others that provide interesting visual information contribute to my other goal in playing, which is to learn whatever I can about places I never heard of before, but on those I have to give up the perfect-score goal. I like the thought of opting-out of photospheres, at least on occasion.

In Chrome, at least, Google has just stopped offering "maps" as a search option, only giving web, images, and videos. For those who think using Google is cheating, that's probably cause for celebration, but for my purposes it is not cheating.

I'm happy, lately, to have been taken to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uruguay, Indonesia, and other places not seen before. Many of the difficulties in the game are not your fault at all, but the weaknesses of Google Maps itself. For example, the game has forced me to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. So when I go to the trouble of deciphering a place name (or typing it on a Russian/Ukrainian/ Bulgarian keyboard) and Google takes me to a place that isn't it at all because there are anywhere from 2 to 200 places with the same name, my blood pressure does go up! And now even Google translate does not seem to be available on wikipedia entries, so even disambiguation is no longer available. Or maybe I'm just not understanding all these newfangled things.

So, keep up the good work. I'm happy to have been directed to this community.

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  • Hey, Lin.

    Happy late birthday. If you'd like to play more Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc, I've mapped them all out using geogenerator, and posted the links on Reddit for anyone to use. These maps will allow you to play entire games within those countries, albeit using retro mode.

    Map list and instructions are here:

    You might also enjoy the geoguessr subreddit in general - there are daily challenges posted, along with frequent custom challenges.

  • Hi Lin

    Thank you for your feedback and sorry that I haven't been able to respond lately! It's great to hear that you're still enjoying the game and I'm very impressed that you learned the Cyrillic alphabet.

    The photospheres has been an issue for some time and we're slowly but steadily working on removing these (or at least making them optional). The main issue is the "almost-photospheres" where you can move a few steps in each direction, but still are constricted to a very small area since these are much more difficult to find than the "true photospheres" where you can't move at all.

    Sorry to hear about your problems with Windows 10, we've been getting a few reports on these issues from different users and are currently working on resolving this!

    Just let us know if there is anything we can do to make GeoGuessr more enjoyable!

    Kind regards,

  • My computer is broken. Can't use it. 😢
    Jay Scott

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