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Still having trouble with map titles

I just completed an NBA Arenas map, and it won't show up by only searching "NBA." I've changed the title many times to test, and the only way to find it is by searching "NBA" + "arena". Further, I'm still unable to find my Dams map by search.  It would be great if this could get resolved, as every findable NBA map currently only has 5 or less locations, and being quite popular maps (many thousands of plays), I'm sure the community would enjoy being able to find more improved maps by search.


  • This issue, along with the known problem of published maps not appearing at the top of "New Maps" has made me hesitant to continue creating maps.  I find it quite fun to make maps, but incredibly underwhelming in the visibility that they receive. I hope this can be sorted soon.
  • Hi, we'll look into the search issue.

    I think visibility of new maps, popular maps and new maps from popular creators are really important and that's something that we're working on at the moment. I think we'll release improvements in the area this and the coming weeks!

  • That's great to hear, thank you for your response. 😃
  • Hi, I've done some changes to the search, do you still have some maps that you can't find? In that case, what's the map id and what are you search on?

  • A couple issues.

    When I search "lake" I am able to find my map Salt Lakes of The World but I'm unable to find my other map Lake Islands. No clue why... changing capitalization and making it plural changes nothing.

    Also, there seems to be a pluralization issue, specifically, I can't find my Dams of the World map by searching "dam", but I can when searching "dams." However, as seen above, I can find a map containing "lakes" by only searching "lake" so the plural part seems inconsistent.

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