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Statistics and activities are broken

It seems the site has some issue with statistics. Many players report that they game played counter doesn't increase (the average score seems to work though).

The custom maps also have their play counter blocked: you can see the activity with people playing the maps, but the number isn't increasing.

Last, the activity on the main page is wrong in the timeline: the most recent activities show below older ones, sometimes in a random order.
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  • Hi KillerMapper

    Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention!
    The custom maps statistics should now work as well as the sorting of the feed items. I also unsuccessfully tried to recreate the problem with user statistics - have you noticed this behaviour under any specificic circumstances, e.g. playing custom maps, or official maps - or anything similar?

  • Hi, thanks for the fix. I guess all the plays before the fix are lost?

    For the user statistics, you can see with the user on Reddit who made the thread you answered in. I never noticed that because I didn't look at my own counter.
  • Hi

    Unfortunately yes, or to be more precise - we do have the data for this and in theory we could re-calculate the statistics for the missing time period. However, since we don't know exactly when this problem started it would be very difficult to make sure that the statistics are calculated correctly, that games that already have been counted aren't counted twice etc.

    Thanks, I'll see what I can find!


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