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State Streak Still Suffers From Glaring Issues

When State Streak was first announced I was really excited as someone who likes the more casual laidback nature of Streaks and loves to explore the United States. However it has been something I have been extremely burnt out on as every time I play it I always notice the trend of locations I get appear to be either imbalanced or broken compared to say the United States Map on Explorer Mode. However I do come back and play on occasion to see if it said issues have been fixed, and today as I am typing this was one of those days. When I threw on a game of State Streak I noticed that the previous issue I typically encountered was mostly fixed but in its place came another major issue. The previous issue I had was that the game would tend to avoid coastal areas/regions/cities alongside oceans, bays, rivers etc (which a lot of major cities fit this description) and while it was nice to see locations like Northern Delaware, Eastern Rhode Island, New York City, and Southern Connecticut make an appearance in the game after roughly 1,500 rounds of never seeing them, I also began to notice that every single location I got in the recent game I played was pretty much directly on a coastline. I managed to amass an 18 Streak Game (linked below) and not one round put me in an inland location or even an inland state meaning that if this is indicative of every game going forward (which I will keep testing out) that is a major problem as not only will just about the entire country not appear in the game but nearly half the states won't appear due to them being landlocked.

I know State Streak may not be the most popular gamemode out there due to a good chunk of GeoGuessr's playerbase being outside of the country but I am hoping that eventually the gamemode will actually feel more balanced with inland, coastal, urban, and rural areas all getting sizeable representation. Until then I guess I'll have to stick with the Official US Map instead

Hope this helps

PS: Here's the link to the game in question (no need to revive it):



  • I searched here to see if anyone else had encountered the problem I saw last night, and it looks like you did. Here's my streak:

    I did the first 15 or so early last week, then got to 20 a few days ago, then did 21-58 last night. See how every recent location is either on/near water or near a border? And I got a lot of repeats.

    35 is under 44 because it was the exact same location (and there were 2 more on that same road). Same with 41 and 54 (and 45 was on the same bridge).

    I can't really complain about the last location, since I guess someone could theoretically figure it out based on trees or something (if they could navigate close enough to shore, which I couldn't -- I could only seem to go in circles), but I bet it would have been less likely to show up if it wasn't for this weird water/border weighting issue.
  • I think it was either fixed or reverted. I just started a couple new streaks to see if it was still weird, and I got Colorado, Atlanta GA, and Idaho.
  • @dinghammer I emailed the devs about the issue and they informed me that they fixed it. Hopefully it wasn’t a mere reversion to the old version of the game because the old version still suffered from a subtle but noticeable if you played it a lot issue, but regardless at least it’s still playable now
  • Fingers crossed it works better now. If not just send me an email 😀

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