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State Streak Locations Issue

I just wanted to start out by saying that I love the new State Streak gamemode and greatly appreciate the fact that your put time and effort into making it despite a decent chunk of your player base living outside the country which may make them not as excited about it. However, there has been one glaring issue with it that I’ve noticed that you may already be aware of but I just wanted to bring up here (because I didn’t see someone give this feedback on the Kundo forum). I for one like the occasional long empty road or blurry camera locations as it can sometimes provide a good challenge in order to find out where you’re at, but it can get pretty stale once you get it five times in a row. Of the many State Streak games I’ve played (including two where I amounted a streak of 10 and 20), I’ve gotten more urban locations maybe two or three times out of the nearly 100 locations I’ve spawned in. I’ve also noticed that there is a heavy bias towards state/national borders when it comes to where your spawn in, which once again can be fun and challenging when you get it on occasion but can lose its charm real quick once you get it multiple times in a row (also not to mention the fact that if a location is extremely close to a border that it could run a risk of glitching and thinking you’re in the neighboring state which can result in a lost streak). I just wanted to bring these issues up because there is a lot of potential fun that could be had in this gamemode that is lost due to the repetitive location set. The official US Map that is found on Explorer Mode is extremely balanced between urban and rural locations and has a pretty diverse range of locations and if you model the State Streak map off that then most of the issues likely would be fixed in my opinion. I hope this is an issue that can be fixed in the near future, and here’s to more State Streaks in the future. Thanks for listening 



  • Just wanted to add a amendment bringing up that the issue appears to be fixed, but I’m gonna keep playing just to be sure

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