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State Streak: A State by State Analysis (Detailed Feedback)

Hello once again,

US State Streak has easily become one of my most favorite gamemodes in GeoGuessr, and I have logged nearly 1,000 rounds over multiple games since its release. I have also made a long feedback post in the past (see it here: and for the most part the feedback is still accurate as of now. However in that post I detailed an extensive list of somewhat buggy spawning/selecting behaviors in that game, and a good part of that list either didn't age well (as I played the game more and more) or needed to be put into more detail. Posted below is a detailed feedback of each state and the bugs/odd spawning I noticed that may be worth looking into and tweaking. I will also include a rating out of 5 for each state based on stability, with a 1 meaning broken and 5 meaning stable (states where the extent of the issues is simply lack of coverage in said state's biggest cities will likely be rated a 3).

1. Alabama: The location set in Alabama is almost perfect, but I noticed the region in and around Mobile, AL is never picked (4/5)
2. Alaska: Coverage is nearly exclusively rural (or in the Northwestern part of Fairbanks on rare occasions), I almost never get spawned in populated areas when I'm dropped in Alaska (2/5)
3. Arizona: The location set in Arizona is pretty widely ranged (which is good) but the state overall is pretty underpicked (3/5)
4. Arkansas: There is still that bias towards the outer part of the state, but it seems to be getting better (4/5)
5. California: State is picked extremely inconsistently (I usually on get California 2-3 times in a 200+ Streak game, which shouldn't be the case for a state of California's size and diversity), other than that the location set seems pretty varied (but may be worth looking into because California is a wonderful state with a lot of variety that should be represented) (3/5)
6. Colorado: State seems fine (5/5)
7. Connecticut: State is pretty broken, game almost entirely avoids the Southern/Coastal Region (where most of the population is located). The location set seems pretty limited to the point where I started getting repeat locations (which should be expected for a state of Connecticut's size but given that the most populated areas are not represented, that means there are a lot of potential locations that are not there in the game). State is also immensely overpicked (1/5)
8. Delaware: This state is also really broken. The entire northern half of the state doesn't show up in the game (which contains most of the population), which likely means the location set is unnecessarily limited (1/5)
9. Washington, DC (Taken from the previous feedback post): Incredibly broken, I have "spawned" in Washington DC on a few instances, but every single time it was a location on the Maryland/DC Border and it seems that those are the only DC locations as I have already gotten repeats of those locations numerous times. It would be amazing to get to explore America's Capital by getting more location spawns deeper into the district, but if it's not something that is possible then it may be worth removing DC as a clickable option altogether as spawning on the DC/MD border has caused numerous issues for numerous people (1/5)
10. Florida: State seems *mostly* fine, however the urban representation could be better (especially in the Miami area). Other than that, incredibly improved (4/5)
11. Georgia: State seems fine (5/5)
12. Hawaii: Incredibly broken, all locations seem to be in the rural big island of Hawaii or in the rural parts of the island of Maui. I also have yet to get any locations in Honolulu (the state's biggest city) meaning that the location set is likely also unnecessarily limited (1/5)
13. Idaho: State seems fine (5/5)
14. Illinois: State could use a lot more urban/big city representation (3/5)
15. Indiana: State is pretty underpicked, especially in the southern part of the state (2/5)
16. Iowa: State is pretty overpicked and is incredibly lopsided towards rural locations (I have yet to spawn in Des Moines, the state's biggest city) (2/5)
17. Kansas: State seems to lack urban/big city coverage (3/5)
18. Kentucky: State seems to lack urban/big city coverage, but it isn't the worst (3/5)
19. Louisiana: State seems mostly fine, but coverage seems to be lacking in most larger cities (like Shrevport, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette) (3/5)
20. Maine: State is pretty overpicked, and coverage in larger/coastal cities like Portland, Bangor, Bar Harbor etc seem to be missing (2/5)
21. Maryland: State seems fine, but I haven't really seen coverage around Baltimore (the state's biggest city) (4/5)
22. Massachusetts: State is incredibly overpicked, but the location set seems pretty diverse (4/5)
23. Michigan: State seems fine, but I have yet to spawn in Detroit (the state's biggest city) (4/5)
24. Minnesota: State seems a little biased towards the Minneapolis/St Paul Area (the state's biggest city) but the location set seems relatively varied (4/5)
25. Mississppi: State seems fine (5/5)
26. Missouri: State lacks urban/big city coverage (like Kansas City and St Louis just to name a couple) (3/5)
27. Montana: State is overpicked, but location set seems fine (3/5)
28. Nebraska: State lacks urban/big city coverage (3/5)
29. Nevada: State seems *mostly* fine but larger cities outside of Las Vegas (like Reno and Carson City) could use some more representation (4/5)
30. New Hampshire: State seems fine (5/5)
31. New Jersey: State seems *mostly* fine but the northeastern areas in/around Newark and the Southeastern area in/around Atlantic City could use some more representation (3.5/5)
32. New Mexico: State seems fine (5/5)
33. New York: State is pretty broken, it is extremely biased towards Upstate New York (and not even all of that region). New York City (easily the biggest city in the country) and Long Island is almost entirely ignored (1/5)
34. North Carolina: State *mostly* lacks urban/big city coverage (3/5)
35. North Dakota: State seems *mostly* fine, but it wouldn't hurt to check the areas in the cites of Bismarck, Grand Forks, and Fargo (3.5/5)
36. Ohio: State lacks major city coverage (like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati etc) but other than that the state seems mostly fine (3/5)
37. Oklahoma: State seems fine (5/5)
38. Oregon: State seems fine but Portland (the state's biggest city) needs more representation (4/5)
39. Pennsylvania: State needs more major city coverage, especially in Philadelphia (the state's biggest city) and in the northwestern part of the state (3.5/5)
40. Rhode Island: State is incredibly broken. State is extremely overpicked and it completely avoids the city of Providence (the state's biggest city) and quite a few other parts of the state. This makes the location set extremely limited (1/5)
41. South Carolina: State seems fine, could use a little more urban coverage though (but it isn't bad) (4/5)
42. South Dakota: State could use a little more urban coverage, but it's pretty good for a state that's sparsely populated as South Dakota
43. Tennessee: State lacks major city coverage (like Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville) (3/5)
44. Texas: State is a little underpicked and could use more major city coverage from places like Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and El Paso (3/5)
45. Utah: State seems fine, major city coverage is a little inconsistent though (4/5)
46. Vermont: State seems fine, but is missing coverage from Montpelier (it's biggest city) (3.5/5)
47. Virginia: State lacks urban/big city coverage (3/5)
48. Washington: State seems *mostly* fine, but Seattle (state's biggest city) needs more representation (4/5)
49. West Virginia: State seems fine (5/5)
50. Wisconsin: State lacks urban/big city coverage (like Madison and Milwaukee etc) (3/5)
51. Wyoming: State seems fine, maybe a little overpicked (5/5)

This concludes my state by state feedback, hope this helps make the gamemode more balanced and ranged. If you (the GeoGuessr Devs) have any further questions, feel free to ask. I love State Streak but I just want to make sure all places have a chance at representation. Thanks for reading.


  • Extra Note: For the time being ignore the Overpicked/Underpicked comments because it seems to be not as big of an issue anymore, but the rest of the feedback is still mostly valid
  • Edit on Extra Note: I guess I should say that make sure the states have an equal chance each of being picked but it doesn’t seem to be that big of an issue on my current run
  • Hi Ed,

    Cant thank you enough for putting all of this work into this, thanks again!


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