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Starting point off the road

I'm trying to solve this mystery: How can the starting point be 30 m North OFF the road when at that exact location the car with the camera is definitely ON the road, and Google's street view manikin sits even slightly off to the South?

I have this annoying problem once in every 10-15 games. Is there a way to know when I have to set my result off the road? Thank you!



  • Vilcie
  • seems to be a big problem. we are 3 friends and play this once or twice a week and we end up most the time only inches away from the startingposition but when the flag is this much off the road its pointless to fight every inch.
  • Most of the locations that are off the road are due to Google Maps' poor precision in terms of road drawing. The shift can go up to 50m sometimes (that's why I think 15m to always get a perfect isn't enough at all). Geoguessr cannot do anything for that.

    As for the one that was reported on the original post, I think it can be a road where Google did send cars multiple times. One car could have bad GPS precision and it was the current coverage when they generated the locations. Since, a newer coverage was made. But on this road Google only sent a car in 2010. Maybe the coverage was a bit misplaced then Google fixed it but Geoguessr remains with the old position. Who knows.

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