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Spoiler-free challenge links

Hello guys!

The challenge and the result link uses the same code. So people can cheat by checking the results first.

Example: I meant to challenge a friend of mine, but mistakenly sent this link:

and this is the challenge-link: By just removing challenge with results people are able to cheat.

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  • Hi Morten

    Thanks for the feedback! We've gotten a few comments on this in the past and my stance on this is that GeoGuessr is a bit of a "gentlemen sport". It's possible to cheat in challenges the way you describe, but where is the fun in playing if you are going to cheat anyway? There will always be the possibility to get additional information regarding a location from Google (for example to look up a town name) and whether this is cheating or not varies between players. Ultimately you need to trust the people you play with and trust that you all follow the same set of rules!


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