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Specific order of challenge

Is it possible to have a challenge occur in a specific order? It seems like the game randomizes the order of my locations and I would like them to go in a specific order.


Theresa H.


  • Theresa,

    Currently, map creators can select more than 5 locations per map, and players will be given 5 random locations from the locations saved in the map.

    Requiring locations to be loaded in a set order would render any locations beyond the first 5 useless.

    This might not be something that you care about, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware of it.

  • Hi Theresa,

    I think nicepants summed it up pretty accurate, at the moment there's no option to play the locations in a set order, it might be something we'll add in the future tho, I'll bring it up with the team.

    Thank you for the suggestion!


  • Hello Mikael,

    I would love to use to for quizzes in this capacity. Thanks!


    Theresa H.
  • Was this ever integrated into the game? I'd love the ability to set the locations..

    Michael Birchall
  • I would love this feature too please!!
  • Would love this feature as well. My partner is obsessed with GeoGuesser and I wanted to make a scavenger hunt for him using the maps but I would need it go in a specific order.
    Nura Sheidaee
  • Heyo,

    Its on the wishlist for Mapmaking so lets see when we are able to implement it 👍


  • Hi GeoGuessr team

    It's weird because some french streamers reussise to choose the order of the points when they make "mysteries maps" with 5 points only and one theme to find. In any case it would be very interesting for this type of map to choose the order of points.
    Thank you in advance for you answer and sorry for my approximative english.
    Alexandre Meunier
  • I would guess that they are using some Extension like ChatGuessr 👍
  • They use script to spam challenges until getting the correct order. GeoGuessr really needs to have a challenge creation tool so we don't need to spam the website and also avoid to create 5-location maps just for one challenge too. It's been years we are waiting for this.

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