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Sorting Badges thematically instead of alphabetical

I have a small suggestion to the Badge-Site.

Currently, all of them are sorted by alphabet, which leads to a lot of scrolling to see, what you've achieved and what not.
Like for example the three medal-tiers for Explorer Mode in Europe: "Junior Champ", "Continent Champion" & "Victory" are scattered throughout the list.
If they would appear next to each other, one could conduct those three are related to each other, which is not possible with the somewhat cryptic names and descriptions.

The only ones in correct order now are US Streak and Explorer Mode, due to the fact that they all have the same name.

So, I would suggest an order like:

Explorer Mode (1,3,5..)
Explorer Mode Asia (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Explorer Mode Europe (..)

Expeditions (1,3,5..)

Streaks (1,3,5..)


  • Hi,

    Agreedo! We do not have that implementation yet in our system, and we will most likely to a bit of a project around Badges moving forward and have it in a bit different but better way than now.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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