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When I start up on the GeoGuessr-website I get the message: "something unexpected happened" besides Country Streak I can't play anything else. But I am also unable to log in to my account. Tried to restart my laptop, different browsers, but nothing seems to fix the problem...I don't know what else I could do
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    I was wrong about the country streak. I also can't do that. I have restarted my laptop multiple times and again tried different browsers. But still the same result. While a friend of mine has no problem playing it. So it's definitely a me-problem. But I don't know how to fix it. I also have a pro-account. I don't know if that gives any clues?
  • Hi Perry,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We've found the reason and it's because your account was marked as a cheater (a year ago) this can be because we detected abnormal behaviour in your scores. Until now we've only excluded cheaters from high scores but last week we did some changes which caused the api to not handle "banned" users at all.

    We've pushed a fix so your account should be up and running again and I've removed the ban from your user. We're really sorry if your account was banned by misstake. (If you still have issues with the site try to clear your cookies for

    Have a great day and sorry again!
  • I bought the pro geoguesser only to play the Battle Royal mode, every time I try to play it, it says: Somthing unexpected has happened. I have tried it on multiple devices and it does not work for me. I am disappointed.
    Simen Mathisen
  • @Simen Mathisen, i have the exact same problem i just bought geoguesser pro for the battle royale game mode but does not work
    luuk kramer
  • same here
  • Same as me

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