"Something unexpected happened"

I get "something unexpected happened" issue when I try to play country streak. It doesn't seem to happen with anything else except streaks. I tried playing on different devices and browsers but it didn't change anything. Can you help me?


  • Hi,

    That usually occurs in older versions of browsers. But strange if it happens only in Streak and in multiple devices as well. Not sure what can cause it from our end Im afraid. Do you have any plugins/extensions and if so is it the same if they are disabled?
  • I think I've disabled all extensions but it still doesn't work. Also, I could play country streak from "ongoing games" and it let me choose "play again" option again and again until I closed the browser, it just doesn't load this exact page: https://www.geoguessr.com/country-streak and I don't have any ongoing games left.
  • Could you send an email on to subscription@geoguessr.com with the following and I will see if we can replicate it:

    - Browser and versions this happens in
    - Devices

  • Of course, I will send it in some hours when I'm home. Thank you.

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