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something unexpected happened

every time i try and use my account it says something unexpected happened


  • Hi Mike,

    Im not able to find an account on your email. Could you send us a screenshot or provide the e-mail that the account is created with and we can check this out further.

  • Every time I try to play battle royale it tells me something unexpected happened
    Charley Pritchard
  • Hello, I've been having the same problem and I can't play the battle royale mode, even though I now have a premium account. Could you please help me considering this is the main reason I have decided to upgrade to a premium account... My account e-mail adress is the same one I am using to write this. Thank you in advance and have a nice day 😀
  • I also have the same error when trying to play battle royal.
    Jack beech
  • Same here
    Jacob Stammers
  • Same thing is happening to me. It seems like a waste of money if the reason I upgraded was battle Royale and it doesn't work.
    Conor Jones
  • Hi,

    Seems that it could occur with older iOS on Safari. Is it working on Chrome?

  • im trying to play right now and im getting the something unexpected happened message and im on Chrome
  • Same issue.

    Tried Safari and Chrome.


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