Someone hacked my account?

I noticed my average score went down, and when I clicked on "Activities" it says "You played Famous Places and got 15,705 points. 10/31/2020." I've never played Famous Places, and no one else has access to the laptop I play Geoguessr on, which stays at my home. It says I played in 2 min 9 seconds, and I never play on a timer. I like looking around. I also use Google and usually get a perfect score (it's just the way I like to play, and I never play competitively). I also checked my history and I didn't play Geoguessr at all on October 31. Is it possible for someone else to access my Pro account?


  • Hi Ella,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    If you suspect that someone else are having access to your account you should change password and email.

    I have looked into this and can see that you have a google connection on your account. Send us an email to if you want this removed so you login with email and password instead.

  • I don't know what happened to my account, but when I logged in I had geoguessr pro and I haven't paid. I understand that I have been hacked or are using another's credit card

  • Hi,

    If you believe you have been hacked or if someone has used your credit card information I would urge you to take this further with your Bank and change passwords on all your sites.

    If you have not signed up for a subscription, send us an email to and we can look further into this.

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