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Somebody was able to join my league long after registration

My friend and I have a league and have been running for 16 legs of A Diverse World map. Somehow a user was able to join our league on leg 15. I assumed this was a one-time thing due to leagues using challenges behind the scenes for each legs. For those unaware, users can backdoor into challenges by looking at the most recent plays of a map. Turns out this user was actually able to join our league because he played the next leg before either of us. This really shouldn't be allowed and has ruined our league. Please take a look at this. Thanks!
Chris Heuer


  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry about that, I agree, there should at least be away to make a league/challenge private. We'll have a look.

    thanks for letting us know!

  • So did you look at this in May? I just started a pro account in order to run a weekly league at work, but random interlopers join in half-way through and ruin it. I will be cancelling my account if this doesn't get fixed soon.
  • Hi Henry,

    Sorry for the delay.. Now it shouldn't be possible to join a league that has started. I will ship the fix asap.

    Thanks for the feedback

  • Please do it as a setting then. I want people to be able to join leagues even after it started.
  • Hi Mapper,

    Ok I've changed it to not allow users to join after it's started now, I'll make it a setting as soon as possible.. Sorry.

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