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Some way to jump ahead on mobile

My connection is fairly slow when I'm playing this on mobile (I'm on Android, and use the website). This means every time I click on the arrow in a street view, it can sometimes takes 5-25 seconds to load. This only really becomes a problem when I'm dropped down in the middle of woods or fields, where the nearest sign or other clue is several miles away. It can take me half an hour to get there.

On desktop, I can click further up the road to jump way ahead, but this doesn't work on mobile. It would be nice if there were a way to do this on mobile, perhaps a button to let you jump ahead ten steps.



  • Hello Nms.

    This is likely a problem with the mobile version of google maps. I can imagine it might make sense for google to cap navigation if you're on a mobile pay-per-mb kind of plan, but for all purposes geoguessr, it degrades the experience for our mobile explorers. The good news is that this will likely improve in the future as google updates their services and put some more love in the mobile web version of maps.


  • For anyone having this problem, refresh the page and don't use the arrow buttons and you can jump ahead but once you use the arrows one time you can't anymore until you refresh the page (which will set you back the original position though)
  • It's been four years since I made this feature request, but I don't think your solution will work for this. When I refresh, it puts me back at the beginning of the game, which is opposite of what I'm trying to do by jumping ahead.

    In any case, Erland was right, and google now allows me to double tap on the horizon to go faster on mobile. So, I don't really have this problem as much.

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