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Some suggestions and a question

Hi! Thank you for this excellent game. I have four suggestions and a small question.

(1) Please introduce some counter of steps as an alternative to the timer. This would put people with mediocre internet connection and perhaps some finger problems in a more competitive position and would make for a more thoughtful game.
(2) Please use terrain layer in the map window in the game (as an option, at least). This is an essential part of traditional orienteering. For some people it is arguably even more important than roads, which come and go.
(3) Please modify scoring in a way that would award points for closely guessed latitude, correctly guessed country and so on, not only for distance. Distance only really matters when it comes to a rather close guess, otherwise it often doesn't make much sense for evaluation.
(4) Please enable search by coordinates in the mapmaker (just like is ordinary Google Maps).

(5) What happens to the maps created by a pro account when it runs out of money?


  • Hi PZ

    Thanks for the feedback!

    1. That is an interesting idea, the main problem with this is that a "step" can vary a lot in length depending on where you click. However, I understand your underlying thought - perhaps this can be achieved in some other way.

    2. We discussed this previously but ultimately decided it, we might revisit this in the future.

    3. The scoring is always a topic that is up for discussion. One of the main reasons that the scoring works the way it does is simplicity and versatility, it's always the same regardless of which part of the world you're guessing on. However a longitude/latitude parameter would work in this way as well, I'll bring it up with the team.

    4. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into this.

    5. The maps that are connected to a cancelled pro accounts are unpublished. That means that they still exists and may be re-published if the uses chooses to revive its pro-subscription but cannot be played in the meantime.


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