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Some problems with the game

In the short time that I've started playing Geoguessr (but have also noticed on Twitch streamers playing this too), I'm noticing some problems with the game that I would like addressed:

1) Sometimes moving to a location can keep it staying blurry until either a refresh or going backwards then forwards will fix the problem. Is this client end or a server problem?
2) There are moments when movement clicks do not register in the game and you have to click a few times for it to move, or you have click on the arrows before you can move faste. This is frustrating when it happens often on a timed game!
3) In general, slower internet connections (like mine on 11mbps) can make long distance travel slower than other players on faster connections, especially on Challenge mode where they have a slight advantage because of this. Is there any way to make it easier for players like us?
4) Sometimes when trying to click forward, it takes you backwards instead unintentionally. Is this a google maps problem or a geoguessr issue?

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  • I think all of this is from Google and not Geoguessr. Google have been very bad this year with Streetview, adding the stupid blurry movement and lot of glitches that are still not fixed...
  • Hi guys

    As KillerMapper said this is unfortunately on Google's end which makes it difficult for us to do anything about. If you're still having this problem you could try a different browser and see if there is any difference. We've also heard from some users that disabling hardware acceleration in the browser could solve some problems with Google Streetview.


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