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Some importent questions

From my website I will try to get a very high number of members to play geoguessr games that I will set up. But I have som importent questions first.

1. We can see the score of the top 3 players (highscore). But can I see further down that list? Many players want to know what place they got.

2. I want only mine members to play my it possible with hidden maps?

3. If number 2 is not possible I want to see the score of only my members. But I have tested the invite system and it dont work so that could be a problem. What to do ?

4. Can 1500 members play my map at the same time?




  • If you create your own maps then you just need to keep them unpublished (by not checking the "Publish map when saving" checkbox). Then you can create a challenge link and give it to your members so only them will play it. The challenge will automatically create a leaderboard with all the players and all your members can check it after finishing playing the challenge.

    The only problem is that if one of your members became friend with another player that is not part of you member list, this player will be able to see in his activity feed "member played a challenge on your_map" with a link to the map and a link to the challenge, and be able to click it to play the map. Sadly there is no way to prevent this, as there is no way to make protected challenges.

    About the "top 4 players", that's for all the players who played the map, independently of the challenge creates on it. This also means if you create a map with more than 5 locations and creates multiple challenges on it, the top 4 player scores can display scores from different challenges. This is why every challenge has a dedicated leaderboard.

    There is no limit about the player amount. 1 500 is ok, I saw a challenge being played by 10 000+ players without any problem.

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