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Some ideas/feedback for the game

Hello, here are some ideas that would be fun to implement to the game / website.

- First of all, I think making the friend list more interactive would be super convenient. Per example, when I see one of my friends playing a map, If I want to play it, I need to search it by myself, and can't only click on the map name already there below my friend's name. One thing that would be even more fun is to be able to spectate your friends while they play (except in competitive game modes, otherwise that could lead to cheating).

- Secondly, a cool simple idea would be the ability to pin a badge you got on your profile, like on steam. This would be really cool and would bring a "purpose" to hard-earned badges.

- Lastly, not really a feature, but the UI when clicking on Streaks, Daily Challenge from the classic tab is quite annoying. The sidebar, disappearing, is quite annoying for a user that wanted to browse trough classic modes. Maybe a back button would be useful, because it is more intuitive than clicking the already highlighted "Classic" button at the top of the screen.

That concludes my feedback, I'm hoping some of this will be added to the game!


  • Thanks for all the feedback Alexandre!

    We will be working more with the social aspect and Friends-interactions in the upcoming months so it will be developed more than it is currently.

    Badges is something we have not done much for lately, so I agree that we will need to add more focus there. First steps will probably be to introduce more Badges in the game modes where its lacking now (Competitive for instance).

    Will raise the feedback on the back button to the gang 🙂
  • p.s. Speaking as someone who's not from NA, I agree with Northernlion that there's not enough NA in Duels etc.

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