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So so so soooo addictive.

Hi, I really need you to find a way of hiding this game from me. Once I start playing I disappear for hours. I can't praise you enough for such a simple but fantastic game.

I just had my best score (4 points off perfect, 1.3km) so I think that's a good opportunity for me to go to bed.

A couple of thoughts for a future enhancements, it would be great if you could have an account functionality, so as a user you could track your scores or go back to previous results. Building on that, it would be really cool to see a heat map or statistics on where you get your best and worst results over time and what regions you are most accurate / inaccurate in.

Thanks again! Luke.


  • Hi Luke

    Thank you for playing and it's great to hear that you enjoy it!
    Your suggestions for account functionality is definitely something we're thinking about and the heatmap to display statistics sounds like a really cool idea.

    Thank you for trying the beta and for giving us valuable feedback, sorry about the addiction :)!

    Kind regards


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