So so so disappointed!!!

so disappointed !!
I was using the free version,
the update replaced it with a paid version!
I'm disgusted!!!
I will look for another one.
sad sad !!!
too expensive for me! I couldn't play anymore. why not leave a free version? even limited to a few cards.
Please can you do something for me? Can I return to the old version????

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  • They can't keep a free version anymore. Every time you play a game, they pay Google to use the Street View data and this is too expensive (prices were multiplied by 14 in the past).

    Many other alternatives also died or removed the free games because of this. If you're lucky you may find one free but it won't last forever as costs will rise too much at some point.

    You still have a few free games every day (games they pay with their own money for you so that's very nice from them) but for now it's only battle royale, regular game modes will come back in future updates.

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