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Small improvements in map editor

Hi, just asking if this would be possible to do in the map editor:
• autosave the pitch and the heading when we switch from a location to another one, because for now only the coordinates are saved (we have to click the save button every time which is time consuming). If we click on a place to add a pin then click on another place to add another pin, the first pin will have the coordinates saved but not the pitch or the heading.
• add a higher length limit for the map description, I often get limited by it while some official maps have a longer description than the allowed limit.
• add a pin counter to know how many location we currently have, similar to the polygon counter.

This should be very quick to do and improve the experience. Thanks.

Also I was thinking about making new map icons (the mountains, trees etc) and suggest them to you, would you be interested? If yes, what did you use to create the icons? Illustrator?


  • I also suggest a "Save as" feature for maps, so you can edit one of your maps and make another one from it. There was several times I wished this existed.
  • Thanks for great suggestions!

    Regarding new icons for the map editor. You're more than welcome to send me an e-mail Mapper, and we can take it from there. Awesome that you want to help out.

    Magnus (
  • I saw that there was no snow (white) ground option for icons. That would be my suggestion.
  • I'll contact you next week and get some icons to see if they're matching your expectations then. I already have quite a few ideas already to enlarge the choices.

    I also forgot another small thing about the map editor: enabling the scale and the satellite / relief pictures on the map. It will be really useful to know the distances when placing points and the satellite picture can help detecting outdated places on the map (road missing etc). Note: default view should stay the classic road map, and satellite / relief would be enabled by asmall menu in a corner. Example:

    Thanks for following up.


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