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Since the game has picked up quite a bit of popularity, can we get patch notes?

I would really appreciate a tab on the left-hand-side to see what thing change, especially now with BR that seems to be getting new things more often.
Mihail Bușteagă


  • Would be good. As updates roll out gradually instead of in batches we could also get a “what got added in the past month”
  • Yes, please! It's hard to know when new features are coming and how they work, and to know when bugs/glitches are fixed.

    For example, a while ago the photospheres were just black sometimes with no way to make them work correctly, this seemed to especially be a problem for people in Europe and made many mapmakers disable photospheres from their maps.
    Without any tweet, post, or message it seems that the Geoguessr crew actually fixed this bug after a while, but not many people knew about it (as there was nothing mentioned about it anywhere).

    Patch notes or at least tweets/posts about big updates/fixes would be awesome and I'm surprised that they haven't done that already as basically every game seems to do so.

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