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Sign Out Button fails, with message box dissappearing too fast to read.

I noticed that my pro account (Dunbaratu) stopped being pro, so the first thing I tried doing was just signing out and back in again from scratch, and I can't even do that.

When I click the "Sign out" button, A brief error message box pops up too fast to read and then it's gone. Then I am NOT signed out - I'm still logged in. I also tried clearing browser cookies for domain "" and removing stored passwords for it, then reloading - still I am logged in and can't log out.

The error message says something this: (I had to try again and again about 100 times to finally read all the words, it shows up for like only half a second each time.)


Could not contact the server to save the profile."

Steven Mading Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Steven,

    Sorry about that, we have an issue that we're working on solving now. I've refreshed your account so you should at least be pro now.

    have a great day!

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