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Show path traversed in result page

After a round ends, it would be nice to see on the map where I explored as I moved around. Could you keep track of the coordinates I went through and plot that path in the round results page (and maybe also in the game results)?

For example, in the image below, I'd see that I explored a few streets nearby but missed the interstate:

Optionally: different color for each time i restart from the beginning, dot along the path for where I stopped so I can see where I zoomed past and where I took my time and moved step-by-step



  • This was already suggested and the devs are looking at the possibility of implementing it. In the meanwhile you can install this script:

    This is one of the useful scripts made by the GeoGuessr community. You need to install Tampermonkey or Greasermonkey from the extension browser (depending of the web browser you use) and then you just need to click the install button. It works quite well and that's what I've shown to the devs to suggest implementing it.
  • does anyone know if such an extension exists for Safari ?

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