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Show location after Battle Royale

There have been so many times that I've seen a cool place in Battle Royale and want to look it up, or just know where a location was on the map.
My suggestion is to show the map after a round ends, with a link to Google maps, like in normal games. Just knowing which country it was is not precise enough.


  • Agreed, I've just started a bookmark folder today of cool Google Maps locations I've encountered in the normal play modes. This would be pretty nice to have at least a list of countries at the end of play that were visited with each hyperlinking to the location.
    Kyle G
  • Yeah i totally agree, that would be a great feature. It would be pretty informative for the normal mode, too because you see a lot of locations in BR mode and you would get a better understanding for how different parts of the countries look like.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback! We have gotten this from a few and it would be cool.

    I have raised this further with the team!

  • Please add this.

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