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Show distances in challenge's summary

Hi there 😀

Since today's update, we can no longer see the exact score of people playing the same challenge as ourselves.

I mean : I can still see how many points my opponents scored, but I cannot see what distances they achieved.

This is really unfortunate since my friends and I used this feature a lot to compare our skills, for example on maps where it is easy to score 5k points.

Why has it disapear? Is it possible to make it visible for everyone again, as it used to be before today's update?

Anyway, this game is really cool and I love playing it, but this last change made me a bit disappointed, as long as the new "map resizing" feature: the map is now too small, even with the biggest zoom, which makes playing a bit uncomfortable.
The website new skin is cool btw 😀



  • Hi,

    As you've noticed there are some things that we've missed and or that are not working properly. We've added your input to our backlog and are on it. Fixes should come out soon.

    thanks for the feedback
  • Dear Mikael,

    Could you tell what the status of this bug is? We miss it tremendously!

  • Hi Fieke,

    Sorry about the delay, had a look at this today. Do you mean on the result screen?
    I had look at how it was before, and it looks like we're displaying the same information.

    Sorry if I don't understand what you mean.

    EDIT: Is it the total distance, 30524,9 in this case that you'd like to have displayed in the left column?


  • Yes this information is missing, also we still lack the possibility to display more than one player on the map or hide all players on the map to only see the locations.

    The previous result screen before the big update was better imo. The new one is less practical as we need to scroll down to see the player list now, with a limitation of 100 players that wasn't existing before.
  • Hi Mikael,

    First of all, I think when I created this topic (just after the big update release), we could not see the distances at all, only the points: now this is solved which is very nice, thank you 😀

    Nevertheless, friends of mine and I are still missing the possibility to display multiple players at a time on the final "summary" screen, in order to compare each others location at the same time.
    The total distance display was also a really nice we do it by hand when we need, which is less comfortable.

    Another point: at the end of a round, now we only see the location of the player who achieved the best result before ourself. I believe we used to be able to see all the players who had guessed before we did and this was a nice feature as well (but I can understand it is clearer to the players not to display everything at a time).

    Last (and least maybe haha), it can be usefull to have distances under 1 meter. I mean sometimes on easy challenges, multiple players perform the 0-meter score. Previously we used to have 0.x meter distances (0.3m for example), which was sometimes useful to my friends and I to decide who wan 😃

    Thanks again for the attention you provide to our comments, and thanks for providing us such a good and entertaining game!

    Have a nice day,


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