Shortened cooldown

While I understand that players that play this for free are not a priority for you, it would be nice if the cooldown for free games would be slightly less that 24 hours. Even 15-30 minutes shorter woulds enable us free player to play one game around the same time every morning (e.g. before starting to work), now the free game start time slides forward every time for few minutes (or more) when you are not able to start at exactly the same time as previous day. Finally the time slides forward too much to be usable and you need to skip a day to be able to play again at suitable time. Another alternative would be to reset the time at the same time as the new daily challenge arrives.
And my reason for not getting a pro account is that this game is too addictive, I'd spend most of my time playing instead of working...


  • The daily challenge can be played without a free game. You can play another map of you choice first then play the daily challenge in the same day. Then you can also play any challenge link and join any pro league and battle royale private lobby pro users can create.

    They pay Google for its data every time someone plays a game. This mean the devs actually pay for you when you play for free. This is very kind of them as they are not obligated in any ways to give free games. They could just block everything behind pro accounts. This means they will probably not make additional efforts: if you want to play more, pay for your costs you generate them.
  • You don't have to finish your game to start a new free game. Just start your game and play it whenever you want. Then it doesn't matter that the start time moves forward.
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