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Several incorrect locations

I've been coming across quite a few inaccurate locations. Two examples are one location involves passing a Farm Supply store with the phone # 209-387-4584. This lands us in Madera, CA, found the location however after making my guess the quiz claims it was supposed to be in Almond, NY. I've been to Almond (live about 2 hrs away) and this is not there. Second was a sign saying Holiday for Lake Placid is near however after guessing it claims it's Florida.

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  • Hey Chris.

    That's very unfortunate. The next time you encounter such a suspicious location, please post the result url in here (you'll find it on the final summary view once finishing the game).

    Furthermore, we've been talking about allowing players to report suspect locations within the actual game, in order to further improve data quality with the help from our awesome players. We're constantly working on improving this, since we believe this to be a cornerstone of the game experience.

    Thanks for playing and taking the time to provide us with feedback.



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