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Setting to allow people joining started leagues

I wanted to start a new annual league but the update disallowing people from joining started leagues blocks me and I'm waiting for the setting to come. You said that you would implement a setting as soon as possible so just wanted to have news about it. Not intended to hurry you or whatever, I know it was vacation time lately so I wasn't expecting it to come before January.

Also I assume this would require creating a new league, as leagues can't be edited, right?


  • Bump, my group is anxiously waiting for this to be fixed!
  • Hi, it's added now, good luck with your leagues!
  • Thanks!

    I already made my league but was holding back waiting for the setting to be implemented:

    Can you confirm by default it won't be a private league so I don't need to create another one?
  • yeah it defaults to "open" and older leagues without the setting will be open too.
  • Ok thanks for clarifying.
  • Thanks a bunch!

    Wondering if it would also be possible to create an invite-only option for Leagues? So an additional feature where only the League owner/members could send an invite link/add additional members. This would apply both before AND after the first leg has started.
  • Were do I find this settings to allow registration to a league after it has started?
    Silas Bjerregaard

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