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Setting sun due south in southern India

I recently was given a location that only had 2 images and no discernable road. According to the compass the sun was low in the southern sky, either setting or rising. Tropical trees and people with a herd of animals confirmed the location wasn’t the north pole. I eventually gave up and guessed (incorrectly). The correct location was the southern tip of India. When is the sun on the horizon due south that close to the equator? I’m including the two images from the game. Something is wrong.


  • John, that happens everytime when you get a "Photospheres" (I mean, not regular Street view images from the cars or other methods like people walking to cover areas)
    When you get those Photospheres (You can usually tell because, like in your case it's either 1 location, or sometimes a chain of few of them, and you also see the author on the bottom left)

    Back to the topic, when you get those photospheres, you just can't trust the compass. Son don't trust the sun 😉

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