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Set time limit-Create challenge


The new version seems to lack the "Create Challenge" feature. Me and my friends like to play it simultaneously over skype and the new version gives the URL for the game only after one has finished it. I would really love if the "Create challenge" feature would be incorporated to the new version as well. Thanks for keeping the retro version - really solved our problem.

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  • Hey. We plan on bringing back more as well as improved ways of playing with your friends. Please stay tuned for updates in this department.


  • still don't see a way for a simultaneous challenge, or to set time I missing something?

  • Hi Bgb

    No you haven't, we're still working on this but we had to give way of this feature for a few more pressing issues. The new challenge feature is however next in line and hopefully it should be out in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

    Kind regards


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