Session for up to 200 people

I want to host a game session for up to 200 people - what license should I get?
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  • Hi Stephen,

    That depends on how long the game session will be and what suits you best. There is some different options for you.

    Battle Royale
    The maximum number of players in a private lobby (Play with Friends) is 10. If you are 200 people you can either have 20 individual Pro-accounts (only a Pro-account is needed to set up a private lobby and then free-accounts can join) or two Group Plans of 100 people each.

    Challenges on different Game Modes
    This is most likely the easiest and best solution. With an individual Pro-account you can create a challenge on an already made Map, a country streak, state streak or create your own map and then send as challenge to free-accounts to play. And then you can see the results. So for this you would only need one Pro-account and then you can challenge for instance 200+ free-accounts. But everyone needs to sign up (this can be done with email/password or Facebook/Google).


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