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Server freezing at the end of rounds during battle royale?

Hello. I just started playing the battle royale modes recently and I notice that once every few games the timer expires but the game does not advance.
In the screenshot for example I clearly should have won the game since the timer is over, but nothing happens (even after 10 minutes) and the progress bar keeps flashing red to indicate the round is over.
Any ideas why this may be happening? I am confident my internet isn't cutting out, because other webpages will load fine while I wait for the round to end, so maybe the other player has left the game? This is an annoying issue because I suspect I am not earning points for the game when this happens.



  • I can confirm I've had this issue for about two hours or so, if it helps. Refreshing the page usually helps.
  • Hi Zeke,

    We are working on this as it seems to be a delay atm when playing. Thanks a lot for raising!


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