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Sending a friend request


I've searched for a friend and sent a request but he hasn't received it. He's done the same but I haven't received it either. Is there a problem with the system?

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  • Hi Mark

    Which nick are you and your friend using (if you don't feel comfortable writing it publicly send it in an email to me at You could also try to cancel the friend request and send it again.

    Sometimes multiple users have the same nick which can make things a bit confusion, so also please make sure you have found the correct account for your friend!

  • hello guys of geoguessr my friend and i tried to send each other a friend request but we don't know how to find them nobody else has our names so were do we find the friend request
  • I have the same Problem, we have cancelled and sent again but None of us get them 🙁
    Definitely the correct friend selected!
  • Hi guys

    Could you please send me an email at with the email from your GeoGuessr-account and I'll look into it!



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