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Search results is too limited, and always show the same maps / users

Yes, it's me again... I swear you must think I'm annoying after making all those threads around (I hope not) :p

Just to point a problem with the search system. If you search a word, it will always show the same maps and users. And you can't see more results. Depending of the word, it will show less or more maps and I don't know what's the logic behind the choice of the amount of displayed results.

I noticed this after seeing some of my maps never get played, while others get hundred of plays. My Germany map for example is played a lot because if you search "Germany", my map will be displayed as the second result. But if you search for "France" or "California", my maps will never be in the results, thus making them stuck with a low amount of plays (only people looking at my profile can find those maps).

Is there a reason for the lack of extended search results? Why limit the returned maps to 10-13 max? Can you add a "display more results" button, or a pagination system to avoid too much results displayed at once?

Hope you'll fix this issue. It's annoying to spend time making maps with  no way for users to find them after they get out of the "newest maps" category (this is also why we need more categories, as I suggested in my big suggestion thread).

Thank you and have a nice day!
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  • I noticed the same today. If you search for my map "US Cities Population 150K" and you even write the full name of it in the search bar it doesn't even show the map but others that don't fit at all!
    RadoX1988 (Alex)
  • Here is a proof that the search system is limited: other people created more maps with "Germany" in the name, and my own map, which was played on a regular basis, is now out of the results. Consequence: nobody is playing it anymore. I can tell it happened 2 weeks ago with the activities. And with the API I can confirm the map was played every day before.
  • Hi guys

    Sorry for the late reply! I agree that the search functionality needs a major overhaul (for example adding a pagination) we have it on our todo-list but unfortunately haven't got around to it yet!
    Regarding your map having trouble being found there is another issue with popular maps page not updating often enough. This is something we also have on our todo-list, for example to add different categories like "Popular today", "Popular this week" etc.

  • "there is another issue with popular maps page not updating often enough. "

    Then why just not increase the refresh rate? That should be quickly done, if the list already has a refresh feature since you say it can update.

    Before adding hundred of things on a never-ending to-do list and wait a year to release an update, can you at least try doing some small things like this that or the search system could already enhance the experience?
  • The popular maps have been update a few weeks back, it's not possible to sort of today, last week, all time etc.

  • If you're updating the search options / results, it should be good to show information along the results like 1) offical or user generated map 2) plays, likes etc 3) difficulty etc

    Many thanks 😀
    Chris Jones
  • Just so I don't open a new post, yes I think the Search needs a rework or something it's incredible how inaccurate it is. For example searching the word "where" doesn't give any result, when there are lot of maps with the word "where" on their name.

    Like this many examples.

    Hopefully it's something that can get reworked faster.

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