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Scoring - Time / Speed / Accuracy. Ranking System.

Hi there!
We can't find any recent information on how the scores, and ranking are calculated.

We completed a map with 25k and the lowest yards of any of the top 3 players. But did not make it to the leaderboard :-(

Does that mean the other players allocated themselves a shorter countdown timer... or did they complete the map with more time remaining?

We want to pick criteria to compete for standings but don't know whether we should concentrate on speed of guess, or allowing ourselves minimum time on the clock.

Distance doesn't see to make much difference, as on this Map (All the Wetherspoons) the 2nd place has a lower (more accurate) click distance than the player at position No.1

Please help us to understand. Thanks :-)

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  • If you're talking about the leaderboard visible on each map then it's just based on the latest players getting the best score. You'll always see your score (even if it's not a perfect) and the 3 latest players with the highest score.

    There is no point into making a real leaderboard because people can play with different rules (like using Google to find clues or not) or simply cheat using scripts that are impossible to prevent.

    You still have a friend leaderboard so you can add your friends on the game and use this one. It is still limited to 4 players sadly.
  • Thanks for clarifying!

    Appreciate you taking time to confirm.

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