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Scores not showing on leaderboards


I have recently noticed that my scores no longer show up on challenge leaderboards, instead appearing at the bottom of the list, whatever my score. I'm used to this in the Daily Challenge, as I am a non-pro user, but this normally doesn't happen on user generated challenges.

Also, with the new Explorer mode, when I have completed maps (such as Ecuador yesterday) I was awarded a gold medal for my score, yet my explore profile says my best score is '0 pts', the Ecuador map page says "You have not played this map yet" and my friends can't see my score on the friends leaderboard either. Can anyone explain why my scores don't seem to be registering? I attach a screenshot which shows I completed the map in the Activities section, but I am not on the friends leaderboard.




  • Hi Conor,

    We are experimenting with a tool to filter out cheaters on for ex. the daily challenge to avoid having only 25k in the top ten.

    You must have matched the criteria for the filter, I've unblocked you so from now on it should be back to normal.

    Sorry if you got excluded even though you didn't cheat.


  • I have noticed some of my activities not showing up on my personal list. I don't care about the leader bord, but like my activities to be registered for myself. It is very possible that I don't match the criteria for the filter, since I like to learn things along the way and use google to search for interesting things I see or if I'm trying to learn the language.

    My question about this is: how can you accuse people of cheating when there are no written rules to the game? I feel like a cheater to a game with no rules, doesn't seem fair. All I want is have fun, learn and keep track of my activities for myself. Are there any rules posted somewhere that I missed?
  • Hi Jelisew,

    Sorry about that, I think that is another issue, the "cheat filter" is only for leaderboards. I'll have a look if I can figure out why your activities aren't updating.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Hi

    I made a second attempt at the Explorers | India map two days ago, having previously achieved a silver medal when I first tried it a few days earlier. On this occasion, I scored the full 25K, however the usual "carving out a medal" sequence did not display, and despite the 25K score showing on my profile, I'm still seeing the silver medal rather than the gold, as per the screenshot below.

    While I'm not massively dismayed that the gold medal isn't being displayed, I am looking into using Geoguessr with the international graduate students at the college where I'm Principal, so I'd like to understand this before promoting it to them.

    For info, when I'd followed this pattern of a second attempt with the Switzerland map a couple of weeks ago, the gold was applied immediately, so is there a problem that needs fixing here, or is there a change of policy on the medals awarded for first attempts being superseded?



  • Did you play using the challenge button? Medals can only be obtained when playing in single player mode.
  • Hi, thanks for the speedy response - no, I've only ever played in single player mode, with no time limits ..
  • Interestingly, I've just completed the Japan map, which I'd not attempted before - although I received the gold medal with a score of 24,999 points, I can see that this score doesn't show up against the gold medal on my profile, and instead displays 0 pts (see screenshot below). Is it possible that there's an issue similar to that experienced by another poster earlier in this thread?  

  • how do you get medals
  • Just got a 25k on Germany in the Explorer mode this morning. And yet, best score is not updated. Is it just a visual bug? or something more serious? Furthermore, the run doesn't appear in my daily activities neither.
    Can you take a look at it? Thx for your support.

  • Hi Archibanal,

    It could be that you did not go through Explorer Mode -> Country or played as a challenge.

    But if you did, send me the Game-ID (Can be found under Activities) to and I will look further into it.

  • Hi,

    Recently I've noticed my scores aren't appearing. I was trying to beat my friends score on Diverse World NMPZ 10 seconds and my score never appears there or even in any map.

    I've read the previous forum comments, and perhaps it is something to do with daily challenge, which I haven't played for months now.

    I really love Geoguessr, is there any way to help? Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Yepp there was a automated Ban from -

    I have lifted it from my end.
  • Cheers filip.

  • I just played "An Extraordinary Cow" with some friends and my score didn't show up on the leader board? spent over an hour to get a perfect score.
  • You had a ban from back in September for -

    I have removed it now.
  • Hello! I just played the daily challenge a while ago but my score did not show up on the leaderboards. I looked upon this thread and maybe I was banned because of a perfect score a week ago? My sibling actually played that game and I just shrugged it off, thinking it was a harmless game. Is there any way to life this ban? Thanks!
  • my brother used cheats on my acc 🙁 i just want my scores on friends leaderboard can you please unblock me from the leaderboards
    phillippe van duijvendijk
  • Hey,

    A similar thing has happened to me. I use to own the record for a map about the town I live in and me and 1 of my friends were trying to see who could beat it the fastest and my time is no longer there.
    Rhys Galvin
  • Im not able to find an account on this email so hard to say if its a ban or not. Feel free to send an email on to with the email to the account and we can look further into it.

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