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Score still doesn't show up, and help isn't provided

About a month ago I made a post here about my score not showing up on the total scoreboard of the day after completing The Daily Challenge. I was asked to send an email, which I did. And afterwards I didn't receive any answer back. I again reached out here on the forum and again send an email, but still no answer. I don't know what to do anymore. So I reach out once again, in the hopes that this time I do receive an answer.


  • Are you a pro user? Only pro scores are displayed.
  • Yeah, I am a pro-user. My scores always used to show up and then they stopped. I dunno what I did wrong. I even switched browsers, cause  I thought it was a problem with Chrome
  • Hi Perry,

    Sorry for the late reply.. What happened was that we've added a job to detect "cheaters" to stop the daily challenge from being filled up with 25k scorers. You were on that list based on your previous game stats. I've removed you now so you should show up on the list again.

    Have a great weekend,

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