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School students motivated about their world

I just want to say thank you. I have been using goeguessr with my school students for 2 years now. They are so much better at geography now. We have competitions on who can score the most. They are having to use critical thinking and make quick decisions to decide where in the world they are. They get so competitive they are looking up names of church pastors to find the church they have on screen. Please don't dumb it down and make it too easy to find - ie like giving the link to google maps - let them work out as much as possible from the clues they see in the landscapes and landforms. Thanks again.

Suzanne Tawharu Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Suzanne,

    That's awesome! Thank you for playing and sharing your story with us, that's what keeps us motivated. We aim to improve the education-part of the game even more in the future, stay tuned for updates.

    Thanks again!



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