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saving locations

The more you play GeoGuessr, the more you see very nice and interesting places on earth. Sometimes you see repeats on Battle Royale, but most often you see new places. Less often, you see places that you've never seen, that make you say "Wow, I cant believe this place exists." Sometimes, you may be awe struck. Unfortunately, when this happens on battle royale, your time to explore is very short. I dont know if this specific to me, but sometimes I would really like to look around some of these fantastic places. I think it may be a worthwhile feature to save certain locations so that after your game, or any time in the future like if you want to show friends or family these unique places, I think some sort of "Save this Location," feature might be worth a look. I know that I for one would love to revisit these places after only having just a few seconds to see them.

You could also enable users to upload their saved locations to some kind of catalogue for the whole community to see.

Earth is a pretty cool place, with GeoGuessr, you see the best and worst of it.


  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    That would be cool for sure, I have relayed the suggestion on to the team 😀


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