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Same locations multiple times in the same game

I just played a custom map that only had about 7-8 locations and was given the same location for 3 out of the 5 turns.  Isn't there any logic to prevent using the same location during the same game?

I've made some maps, so I know that you require that custom maps have at least 5 locations. Couldn't you make sure that the same location isn't used twice since you know there are a minimum of 5 locations or more for any given map?

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  • To be clear, I'm not concerned about two street view locations that happen to be very near each other, but are technically different locations.  I'm talking about preventing the exact same location multiple times in a single game.  I realize the former is a much tougher problem to solve, but it seems like preventing the exact same location would be fairly straight forward from a programming standpoint.
    Eric Mowrer
  • What is the map? It could be that the creator put multiple pins over the same panorama. You can create a map with 5 times the same location.
  • Ah, that's a really good point.  I think, based on the evidence, I'll take that as a conclusion.  Thank you.
    Eric Mowrer

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