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Same location 4 out of 5 times

I love the game but it has become unplayable. Im doing the official europe map and it just cycles through 20 locations all the time. Gets boring really fast. World map doesnt seem to have this problem yet.
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  • The official EU map is very limited. Only a bunch of towns. But I think there may be an actual problem as I recently saw many people complaining about repeats while it wasn't that bad before. Maybe the map is broken.

    In the meawhile you can play this EU custom map with way more diversity:
  • Actually there is a problem with the EU map, it seems the map lost a big part of the locations.

    This is the data from the last 900 games on this map, and as you can see it's very limited (around 30 places now) while it used to have more than 200 places before (with a spread of 5-6 locations for each place).

    Devs should check if this glitch didn't happen on other official maps, and that would also be a good time to make some update to them (especially Japan with its missing parts of the country).
  • Hi

    We've now made some changes to the EU map so hopefully this should work better now.
    We'll look into the other official maps as well.

  • Thank you for the fix, Anton.
  • In average 1 out of 5 are still repeating ones at the official EU map. Also you hardly ever end up somewhere in the nowhere, while on inofficial ones (like posted by KillerMapper) you do.

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