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Sad as a map maker - latest update

As a person making maps, I'm deeply saddened by the new website. It was already difficult to find/browse new interesting maps before. It is now close to impossible to have one of your maps become popular in any way. It frustrates me and will prevent me from creating new maps in the future.

Now, you can only see the "Editor's Choice" and the "Popular" section on the home page. The Editor's Choice has been reduced recently, once again, which was sad already. But there are still no categories for maps. No tags. No way to find anything interesting if it isn't included in the name of the map. The latest update is a major blow to map making. People spend a lot of time making their own maps because they think other people will enjoy them. But now it is even more guaranteed that those user made maps will neither be seen nor played by anyone.

While I do understand that you've been shifting your focus to Battle Royale and similar online/community modes, I find it disappointing that user made maps are once again relegated in the smallest corner of your website, if not completely hidden at all. In this situation, the map making tool might as well be removed entirely. What is even more frustrating is that - if I remember correctly - only paying customers can create their own maps. It is a nice perk but it is increasingly becoming a useless one if you're bound to create things people will never see.

A major page to browse maps would be a good thing in my opinion. Categories, tags, etc. would be even better. I believe user made maps deserve more credit and exposure as they add another layer to the game and sometimes keep it interesting for those who like to play differently from time to time.


  • Heyo!

    We are working on better show of the Maps that the community has made.

    In the longrun I agree it would be really nice to have a better filter to be able to find certain maps, and we have this on our Search-function initiative that we hope will be implemented in the future.

    Thanks for the feedback Fred!
  • Would be great if maps made by users could be more visible.
    Raschlav Burski
  • Filip, thank you for your reply.

    Raschlav, I couldn't agree more.

    Right now, there are 8 official maps on the front page, 3 from the Editor's choice section, 3 from the "Popular Maps" section, and 3 from the "Popular this month". Then, there's a link to "More popular maps". There are no links to a "Maps" page. Like a main menu to find maps - as it was the case at some point if I remember correctly? There needs to be some sort of main directory with more options to browse maps. I'm not sure if you're trying to turn people away from playing the game the "old" way but it is a massive source of frustration. Even as a regular player, it is close to impossible to discover anything new and potentially interesting. The new "Career" mode is basically three modes (BR, Distance BR, and city streaks) with different timers and a different amount of lives. The "old" way of playing still has a long way to go and it still seems to be the most played - at least from what I see on Twitch. User made maps are an important part of the game and it is genuinely sad to see this recent change.
  • I do agree with Raschlav too. The new "Challenge Mode" (which is very cool by the way) relies a lot on the supply of fun user created maps. It seems urgent to develop these features to ensure good and fresh maps to feed the Challenge Mode. I really think that the next update should be targeted towards maps.

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