Where could I read the game rules? Many things are not understandable... For example the meaning of these badges or how battle royale exatcly works? What changes for me with every next level,division etc...


  • Hi Sandra,

    We have some information in our FAQ here -

    Battle Royale has a Question-mark in the bottom right corner to explain a bit more on how it works.

    The Badges we cannot go into detail what is needed for each one. But in general they are revolved around progress in the different game modes (Explorer Mode, Played games in general, Streaks).

  • Filip,
    I have scoured the Battle Royale pages for a question mark to click - the screen that counts down to the start, the screen after it ends, even the active game screen. Am I just missing it? I cannot find any decent details on the BR rules - like what the "PowerUp" means, what the yellow section of the timer bar means, why some of my guesses are marked "Locked in" and how does that differ from when they are not. Any pointers to a more detailed explanation of the game are appreciated!
  • So we have two power-ups for Battle Royale Country:

    50/50 - This one can be used at any time but only once per game. And you will get the option of two countries once you select it. And there is no way of "backing out" so to speak once you have clicked on it. So either you will end up guessing the correct country, or the wrong one.

    Spy - This one is not really that effective, and if you select it you will see the guesses of the other players within the lock-period.

    The lock-period is a 10 second window where if someone guesses they will get an head-start so to speak by being the first ones to guess. So it trumps other guesses made just after it.

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